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This is the Story of Mike from New York and Grace from Taiwan. They came together with much love and were met with the most pleasant of surprises. So this is a story about Knox. And their Adventures in Taiwan.


*for less diverting posts from Grace, visit for long, rambling indigestable scoops on her various interests.

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  1. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog Grace. It allows me to look in from the outside and be a tiny part of yours and Michaels journey. (your son will love to read this when he grows up!) I’m so happy to hear all is going well for you both and I look forward to hearing when your beautiful son comes into the world. (when are you due?) No doubt Micheal is a commited man in every aspect, I knew he would be. Both of you savor every moment of your pregnancy and feel well. God willing I will be able to meet you and your lil angel when you decide to come to the states and introduce him to everyone.

    • Thanks Maria, I look forward to meeting you as well – Mike has told me a great deal about you!
      Please keep an eye on our blog and let us benefit from all of your experience!


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