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Little things



A daddy longlegs was walking across the glass. It froze when we noticed it, stopping with one leg poised on a book, as though it were in its way. Knox brushed everything off the glass top so it would have space to walk.




Small planes nursing off big plane, and a flying dinosaur. A few days later Knox found feathers and added them to the planes as well.



Things I do not want to forget. So many small and lovely things.

Day before last Mike made Inge gurgle with laughter while playing with her after work at the dinner table. First time she laughed.
Quin: When we grow up you can give us coffee? 我們長大可以給我們喝咖啡嗎?
Me: When you grow up you can make your own! 長大可以自己泡喔!
Quin: When you and daddy grow small I will take you to the park. 你跟爸爸變小的時候我會帶你們去公園。

If only life were such a circular blessing my love!







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