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Update Quin 15months Knox 33months

Quin: Has been walking for almost two months, and it is interesting to observe her gait from an almost bowlegged toddle to this fast trot. She seems particularly fond of following Knox around. In the mornings, the procession of infants comes into our room to nurse. She needs help getting into our bed – a bleary lift at an elbow – and then she crawls backwards off the bed after Knox into the living room to play. She is a climber, and works very hard to get on stairs, chairs, tables…etc. She has been getting on the learning tower the moment she started walking, and she gets in her high chair by herself whenever she anticipates food. She is quite steady and cautious. I’d like to credit this to temperment and her long crawling period. Very often she startles us as she suddenly appears at your elbow.

She has very obviously been more of an movement baby than Knox was. And showed earlier signs of interest in pattern, music (will bob her head and turn in circles), mark making and mimicking. I have never been keen to not make gender associations but the more I see of young children (not just my own) the more obvious inclinations there seems to be. I am happy that she has an elder brother and will naturally be exposed to more STEM activities just because his inclinations have us getting him more toys related in this area (trains, building toys, as he doesn’t do arts and crafts as much).

She gets on the rocking horse herself and rocks. And just yesterday went on the small trike and pushed herself a little (hasn’t got turning yet so goes into wall). Because my focus has been largely on Knox, we have been practicing benign neglect on her play for quite a while. That is, we don’t assist her in things she can’t do by herself (lifting onto play equipment) and haven’t played with her and toys. I don’t know if it is exactly her temperment or our parenting, but she has very good self-directed play, will find her own activities to do, invent her own things (opening and putting back caps on markers, though I made sure the first time she got her hands on the markers I showed her how to close them), and quite long concentration. The only times she will ‘whine’ for our assistance is when: she is tired, hungry, wants to be read a book, or needs a diaper change.

Surprisingly, she has been asking these two days to sit on the potty. She would sit for a while, looking expectant. Yesterday she made one tinkle. Today she asked to sit after she had made a poop. I am going to just support her when she asks for it and not worry about it. We have a pending move and that always seems make children regress so we are not going to start nigh training Knox or potty training Quin until we are somewhat settled.

Knox is getting better at be our ing verbal about his boundaries. It works with his peers : “Don’t push me!” “I don’t like it!” “This is my work now!”   “You can have it later.” followed by “Here you go.” , though this is less effective with his equal opportunist baby sister. We joke that younger siblings are natural socialists.

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