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Animal Cards for In the Blink of An Eye

So we’ve been derelict in our web name renewal, and not wanting to pay the $80 late fee, our website now has a new name! It’s now ! Makes sense to us, and easier to remember! On to the content.

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Recently borrowed this book from the Doha Mum’s library. It’s called In the Blink of An Eye by Dieter Wiesmuller. This book shows you various sceneries from the view of the animal, with hints to who the animal is, and a big animal eye on one side. The artwork is beautiful. On the last page there is a window with all the animals looking in at you.

In the blink of an eye

Now I found it very abstract to imagine what animal it was that was looking at me. I tried looking to see if anyone had made cards to go with it. Apparently not yet. So I made them:

Click here for the printable cards file.

Click on pic for the printable cards file.

This is a pdf file that you can download from google drive. Click on the picture of the cards to go to the file.

The book and cards is still a little hard for Knox. I think I went about it in the wrong order. The best way to introduce this book is to first introduce the cards, talking briefly about the characteristics of each animal : “This is an owl. It is nocturnal. Nocturnal means it goes out at night and sleeps during the day. It lives in trees.” “This is a mouse, some mice live in the wild, but mice can also live in buildings where humans live…” …etc.

After the child gets the concept of the animals, then bring out the book as a guessing game. It would make more sense to them then.

Happy printing!


Screen Shot 2013-03-02 at 1.45.15 AM

edit: Apparently this file is a little large to preview on my browser with google drive. Please let me know if you have been able to successfully download this! I guess I could’ve tried using lower resolution pictures!

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