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Montessori and Attachment Parenting

Just saw this valuable talk by Margaret Homfray, a woman who was directly trained by Maria Montessori herself, who talks about the beginning of Montessori’s work and what to do with babies, and language development. I am amazed how much her ideas are close to attachment parenting ((much that have been proved by science today) , among the ideas :

  • Besides being cleaned and fed, infants need affection/relationship with main caregiver
  • The child has rights
  • Birth is important: birth should be calm, quiet and private.
  • Mucous covering that the child is born with is a good protection for the newborn (no need to be bathed immediately)
  • Babies should be put with mothers upon birth, afterwards baby should be in a cot close to mother
  • babies should be breastfed, and mothers allowed to be with baby in first few months
  • babies should be free to move
  • babies need to be picked up when they cry
  • we parent the way we are parented, so need to consciously think it through
  • we should talk to our babies

See lecture with subtitles here: Introduction to Montessori Lecture 1

Baby wearing

Baby wearing


And here is another article on Montessori and natural parenting, with direct quotes from Montessori’s work:

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