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Monthly Archives: April 2014

Montessori and Attachment Parenting

Just saw this valuable talk by Margaret Homfray, a woman who was directly trained by Maria Montessori herself, who talks about the beginning of Montessori’s work and what to do with babies, and language development. I am amazed how much her ideas are close to attachment parenting ((much that have been proved by science today) , among the ideas :

  • Besides being cleaned and fed, infants need affection/relationship with main caregiver
  • The child has rights
  • Birth is important: birth should be calm, quiet and private.
  • Mucous covering that the child is born with is a good protection for the newborn (no need to be bathed immediately)
  • Babies should be put with mothers upon birth, afterwards baby should be in a cot close to mother
  • babies should be breastfed, and mothers allowed to be with baby in first few months
  • babies should be free to move
  • babies need to be picked up when they cry
  • we parent the way we are parented, so need to consciously think it through
  • we should talk to our babies

See lecture with subtitles here: Introduction to Montessori Lecture 1

Baby wearing

Baby wearing


And here is another article on Montessori and natural parenting, with direct quotes from Montessori’s work:

Cracked 10 eggs in a row and asked for more

Knox at 28 months.I gave him 10 eggs to crack for brunch. Before this he accidentally dropped one on the counter and discovered that the egg can also crack, so he tried doing that. He also fishes out egg shells. He has been cracking eggs since just before 2 years old.