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Updates Quin 7 months, Knox 26 months


Hold self upright in sitting position (several minutes)
Hold onto back of couch while standing (several minutes)
Can drink from a straw
Holds spoon longer
Likes crawling into bathroom
Can hold on to food pouch by self and slurp
Less mess eating (still colossal)
Crawls from room to room
Can endure 1 or 2 pages of picture book
Pats things in reaction to Knox patting things
Makes excited sounds and pats things when watching us dance or sing
Very distract-able nurser
Still plays well by self, still doesn’t protest when Knox takes things, still illiterate, still loves peering into containers, still needs outfit change after every meal
Can find partially hidden objects
Pulls sock off, eats people’s toes
Explores everything with hands and mouth
Finds Knox amusing
Protests and rolls during prone diaper changes
Makes hard poop (dislike poop in diapers)


DSC08967 DSC08995


Can put things back with direction
Willing to help discard Quin’s and own diaper
Can put dirty dishes/utensils in sink with direction
Can organize space (with assistance and direction)
Occasionally puts things back of own volition; finally seems to appreciate putting things back (happy dance!)
Able to pour liquid and stop before overflowing
Wants to pour liquid into other people’s cups, and dunk things into cup, frequently food
Will anticipate phrases in books and say them
Loves naming things over story plot
Will ask to ‘dance’
Enjoys making Quin laugh

Will say “Knock” in his soft voice sometimes when strangers ask his name.

DSC08958 DSC089591617177_744196195598310_1103969557_o 1957889_744197788931484_2104734586_o

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