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A day at home

I’ve started a toy rotation system with Knox’s materials, where they go into 4 big Ikea cardboard boxes. I plan to rotate them every 2 weeks. May leave out objects he’s still very interested in. Considering doing assessment of which ones he persistently never plays with despite rotation and consider storing them for Quin. It is very obvious which objects are never used as they stay in their individual cubbies in the same pristine position I’d placed them at.


Last night after Knox went to bed, we did our first rotation after 2 weeks. Mike said Knox made a beeline for the play area first thing in the morning with an excited squeal. He didn’t even whine about coming in the bedroom to nurse as he often does in the morning, and hardly wanted to eat breakfast. He only came in the bedroom when Mike had to come in to change for work, and then he was holding his duplo cars and making sounds/talking to himself.
And today was lovely. I played with and read to him for short segments (am getting him used to the idea of 3 books each time, once in the morning, and before sleeps) and for the most part he was able to play by himself and play with Quin. He will still reactively take things from her but he also enjoys lying down/crawling with her and showing her some objects.He is also finally starting to do stacking with different toys (blocks, duplo…etc).
imageAnd he went and worked on the embroidery set I’d made him 3 weeks ago!


I had demonstrated it at the time but he dropped it pretty soon (partially, I think, because I was breathing down his neck and trying to micromanage his fingers). At one point, I saw him poking the needle into the pincushion and beginning to pull it out from the other side. Wanted to stop him but decided to wait and see (since the worst case I can just cut the end of the thread and pull it back out.) He pulled the thread back out and went to work on the burlap embroidery hoop. I tried very hard to ignore him and keep busy. Later, this is what I found:

I think I need to find a nice box for him to store his artwork in so he doesn’t see it go into the trash all the time, perhaps that will encourage him in his art making efforts, though I wonder at this age whether it registers: tried framing a drawing of his by sticking it on the wall with pretty masking tape. He was protesting while I did this. I failed to understand him because what he was saying seemed so ludicrous. But finally said to him “You don’t want this on the wall, you want this on your BELLY???” He nodded, relieved that I’d got it. So I took it off the wall and stuck it on his belly. He happily went to whiz around on his trike, proudly sticking his belly out.


I was able to get some housework done and even some paperwork. We went out for a short walk with his wooden trike and he insisted on bringing the attached wagon. I was very happy seeing how he really struggled to pull it on and off curbs, particularly as the wagon is as heavy as the trike and keeps falling off, and he would hook it back on the trike. He is used to expecting little if any help from me now so he will do it himself. I am so proud (but I only said) “You brought it up the curb yourself.”
Also, he had started to pour his cup into other people’s cup and into his own bowl a few weeks back. It is endlessly frustrating, particularly with the other people being guests and the kids are upset that their food/water is spoilt. So the other day I decided to leave Quin’s shot glass empty and asked Knox if he would like to give her some water from his cup. He poured, and was able to stop before the cup over-filled! Have tried pouring activity trays for him but he never sticks to them. He wants to do the real stuff!
and here is a video of Quin going through the play area while Knox is napping!
Screen Shot 2013-03-02 at 1.45.15 AM




Updates Quin 7 months, Knox 26 months


Hold self upright in sitting position (several minutes)
Hold onto back of couch while standing (several minutes)
Can drink from a straw
Holds spoon longer
Likes crawling into bathroom
Can hold on to food pouch by self and slurp
Less mess eating (still colossal)
Crawls from room to room
Can endure 1 or 2 pages of picture book
Pats things in reaction to Knox patting things
Makes excited sounds and pats things when watching us dance or sing
Very distract-able nurser
Still plays well by self, still doesn’t protest when Knox takes things, still illiterate, still loves peering into containers, still needs outfit change after every meal
Can find partially hidden objects
Pulls sock off, eats people’s toes
Explores everything with hands and mouth
Finds Knox amusing
Protests and rolls during prone diaper changes
Makes hard poop (dislike poop in diapers)


DSC08967 DSC08995


Can put things back with direction
Willing to help discard Quin’s and own diaper
Can put dirty dishes/utensils in sink with direction
Can organize space (with assistance and direction)
Occasionally puts things back of own volition; finally seems to appreciate putting things back (happy dance!)
Able to pour liquid and stop before overflowing
Wants to pour liquid into other people’s cups, and dunk things into cup, frequently food
Will anticipate phrases in books and say them
Loves naming things over story plot
Will ask to ‘dance’
Enjoys making Quin laugh

Will say “Knock” in his soft voice sometimes when strangers ask his name.

DSC08958 DSC089591617177_744196195598310_1103969557_o 1957889_744197788931484_2104734586_o