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Our favorite books

Below is a list of our favorite picture books so far. These are books Knox frequently brings to us to read. (Mommy vetted for non-tedious reading!)


Hand, Hand, Fingers, Thumb by

At first glance this is a Dr. Sueuss inspired book under the cat in hat logo so should be crap imitation, but was pleasantly surprised. The rhyme is rhythmic and fun to read aloud and enact. Plus I love the “One thumb drumming on a drum” phrase as can show Knox to bang things quietly with his thumb. We have a lot of fun together with this book. Personally I also love how it is closer to Montessori than conventional Dr. Seuss books because it doesn’t feature any made up creatures.



Freight Train by Donald Crews

This book gives the correct names of the various cars (most of which I wasn’t aware myself!) Features simple, whole (instead of partial) graphic representations of train segments. Fulfills many aspects of Montessori (clear, complete, imagery and specific name of items). A short boardbook that covers good bases.

I Know a Shy Fellow Who Swallowed a Cello by


Good (I think improved) adaptation of the Old-lady-who-swallowed-a-fly rhyme, featuring a chap swallowing various musical instruments instead of animals. Distinctive and slightly humorous illustrations (the faces of the musicians deprived of their instruments!).

The one problem is whether it might encourage your child to swallow objects not intended for consumption? I like reading it and then showing Knox a short clip of a musician soloing an instrument mentioned.

Miss Spider’s Tea Party by
Again, beautiful, distinctive work, this one in bold colors. I have read this with a four year old who was definitely demonstrating the sensitive period for counting things.


"We won't come in!" the four bees said.

Anthropomorohic? Yes. But Knox and I enjoy the rhyme and he particularly relishes pointing out the “Tea cakes!”

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