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Knox at 19 months

Knox likes working alongside me. When I’m in the kitchen he is checkimg out the kitchen utensiles in the cabinet or standing on the learning tower wearing his apron. When I’m sewing he sits on the flopr next to me or wants to sit up and help me switch gears. He is getting better at only pressing the lever or button when I say he can. Playing with my things at his own will without my permission puts him on the floor.

Knox is able to play in a more contained manner: while playing with my pillbox of snaps, he only carefully took a few out and handed them to me or put them next to me. He didnt walk off with them or throw them about. He was able to understand that they belonged in the container.

{update 2013/Sep/5}
Today Knox
–walked grownup stairs sequentially
–allowed daddy to brush his teeth without fuss
–kisses mommy on cheek (was kissing Quin on cheek day before)

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