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Knox’s giant object permanence box

Object permanence box

Object permanence box

An Object permanence box is used for a child who can sit up to develop hand-eye coordination, and helps them understand that objects still exist even when they can’t see them.   I’m beginning to discover that there are many things in life that stand in good stead of buying or making particular Montessori items. Knox has been very fond of buckling things around the house, and when we go out to eat the buckles of the high chair are really good practice. In the playroom of our building there’s a billiard table. I think it’s an awesome object permanence box for a toddler!   The cool thing is, he discovered how this works all by himself, just by going about pushing buttons and imitating what he sees the adults do while playing billiard. Though I had to prod him to try different holes as he couldn’t see the holes from his height and thought there was only one hole. I love how fearless he is, and we try to keep him that way by keeping most things in the house accessible to him.

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