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Had health test done for renewing Qatar Family Visit visa

So this past week I had a health test done to renew my family visit visa. Knox went with and he got pricked in the big toe. He saw it coming too! Immediately started to pre-cry when the man in the lab pointed at his shoe for me to take off. And then when it was all over, Knox pointed at his toe saying “Eh!” He’s an expressive kid, truly. The pricking seemed to be for a blood type test on a smear plate. I am O+. This was conducted in a clinic. The rest of the test was done at the Qatar Health Commission. Women went off to a different section of the building than the men. We paid 100 QAR for the health test (Mike’s company footed this) and I had blood drawn (bruiser! I never saw a nurse prick up your skin when drawing blood!).

My bruiser blood draw, day 5 (it was even worse yesterday!) :


They were supposed to do an X-ray for tuberculosis but since I’m pregnant they did a Tuberculin skin test instead. Cool facts I learnt about this test:

  • It’s called the PPD test, or Mantoux test, derived from non-infectious molecules of the bacterial culture that tests for previous contact with the agent.
  • Considered safe for diagnosis during pregnancy.
  • Dr. pricked my skin upwards with the needle to inject this under the skin, creating a welt upon injection, which very quickly dissipated and in 3 days is now a red irritated circle. We are not supposed to rub/scratch it.
  • A positive result usual results in a welt, diagnosed within 50 hours of injection. The doctor had me come in again in two days for her to inspect it. Positive result measures the diameter of the welt (not the irritated red part). False positives are possible, and has to be interpreted according to the person’s history (did he/she come from a high prevalence region? …etc)

This is my negative result:

It does feel a little swollen and sore though, This is day 3.

I hear that I will need to go in for another health test for the residency. Wonder if there’ll be same procedures… probably more extensive? We shall see. Am excited about our upcoming Turkey trip! Cappadocia and Istanbul! Some fun time before I get too large to move. We’ll be needing an exit visa for that (so we can come back to the country!) Hopefully Mike’s company’s HR will get that sorted soon.

Screen Shot 2013-03-02 at 1.45.15 AM

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  1. Blood tests are never fun! Ouch- The TB test is done just like that here every year at the pediatricians office. I don’t think they do an x-ray unless the “bubble” test comes back positive. (often a false positive) It always amazes me how fast the children learn about “a trip to the doctors office’. My “Johnnie” complains the moment I lay him on the paper on the exam table, and he hears it crinkle. I guess he associates it with unpleasantries.

    • It’s funny how kids know. When we’re examination room with him on my lap and the doctor’s talking to me about me he seems fine, but he notices when the attention shifts to him!

      Here it seems the standard for expats is the x-ray. Possibly cheaper or easier for them to do. Though Mike had to get x-rayed twice (he was not happy about it) because the first one came up blurry. It’s not the safest procedure and I’m glad that I had an excuse to opt out!

  2. Edibeth Mencia

    This was better than other googles pages. I got mine today and I am a pretty anxious person, thanks a lot for this information


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