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The comforts of New temporary normal

So Mike was back for the long weekend, Friday night to Monday. It was so great to see him again. To have two parents in the house. It was not a fiery reunion where every moment was spent gazing into each others eyes in rapt adoration (though there was that, too). We took walks, went to the doctor’s, read, shared the burdens of a teething toddler, saw an exhibition, rented a movie. And we had food. So much food.

In other words, it was much like normal home life. And it was so good. This is the way it should be.

892329_579024158782182_1348275737_o 901985_579024178782180_114469162_o892708_579024292115502_2024463627_o905596_579024308782167_1985056579_o892998_579025652115366_747848748_o903187_579025685448696_1332289593_o893158_579025765448688_1008210693_o893300_579025268782071_1759166130_o 901575_579025288782069_622704651_o 904606_579025335448731_1431939216_o 905662_579025548782043_1005333296_o902687_579025228782075_1564173976_o 901816_579025172115414_108339575_o 901506_579025188782079_2065734145_o893509_579026988781899_538160008_o 902326_579027002115231_296319232_o 903390_579027088781889_1121054341_o 893096_579027135448551_111019917_o 902429_579027168781881_680306242_oKnox seemed so much calmer and purposeful with Daddy around, despite teething pains and a slight cold. I believe we were both more complete with him around. Am grateful that he could come to visit. Looking forward to being together as a family full time in a week or so! Soon!

<Photos edited by Mike>

Screen Shot 2013-03-02 at 1.45.15 AM


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  1. So glad your husband got to visit home! Must be so hard to leave… D:


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