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Sew-along: Baby backpack (with harness) – 3: Making the harness

I guess when I say “see you tomorrow” I really mean “As soon as I have the time and attention to write the next post!” . In other words, yikes! Organizing time and activities (things I want to make, skills to master, Knox to feed and clean up and entertain…etc) is really hectic. As Mike had mentioned, I seem to have workstations all over the place with partially finished projects. Probably the reason why he wants me to have craft room/library/office (control your spillage, woman). I can totally understand that. Someone else’s clutter is always more annoying.

I am truly wondering if I’ll be more productive if I can stick to working on one thing at a time. I seem to have the same issue when I’m studying. If I’m really concentrating, I get into all these different tangents – coming up with questions, looking up stuff to see if my theory is correct/whether research has already been done into the area. It takes me much longer than my classmates to finish studying one chapter. Frequently I have to scramble and cram at the end in an un-fulfilling fashion in order to deal with the exams. I think that’s why I’m content at the notion of taking longer than average to finish my undergrad degree… because I feel like I haven’t really gotten as clear a picture of the course as I would like, in the probing, questioning, meandering manner that I find truly satisfying.

But that aside. Today we are doing The Harness! In between this time and the last, I have already taken the Knoxter out for a few strolls in it. Let me tell you.It works: In keeping me within arms reach of him! The child does not feel restrained. He chooses not to feel restrained. He walks where he likes and makes me follow. It doesn’t make my work easier at all, but it makes me less paranoid of him disappearing from my sight!

Come along mommy!

What you need:

  • Removable clip thingy 1 set harness clips
  • Canvas material for harness

1. Take a small scrap of canvas from the previous bag composition (trimmings from the part-of-lid), fold over to cover raw edges and sew to create a tough little band.


2. String this tough little band through the triangle and sew it onto the bottom of the backpack. I think why all commercial harnesses are attached to the bottom of the bag rather than the top is due to weight distribution – if you accidentally yank the kid from the top of the bag they fall more easily.

3. Estimate the width of the harness based on the removable clip. It should be 2 times + about an inch wider than the clip, so you can fold under and sew. The length should be about the length of your wrist to the floor + your kid’s wrist to the floor.  If it is much longer it becomes a trip hazard.

estimate width of harness


4. Fold under the raw edges and sew along the length, giving you a long ribbon.


5. Next sew the wristlet. Estimate a width that is comfortable for you, double it and + 1 inch. (If you’re a good seamstress you can use less. Am going for generous allowances here as I’m not.) It should be slightly longer than the circumference of your wrist so we can sew on the snaps.

estimating wristlet

6. Like with the strap, fold over and fold under raw edges, sew over them. Leave a gap for the the strap.

pinned up wristlet

7. Insert one end of the strap into the gap of the wristlet and sew over.

attaching strap to wristlet

8. Sew on snaps for wristlet. Then sew other end of strap to removable clip.



Et voila, there you have it!

In Addition: Add front clip to backpack straps so you kid can’t wiggle out (or be easily relieved of by some nefarious character) willy-nilly. Hand sew it onto the top part of the strap where it is sewn onto the adjuster, so it doesn’t effect adjusting for length.




I caught you!


Happy strolling!

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