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Sew-along: Baby backpack (with harness) – 2: Bag Body Composition

Today we compose the body of the bag.

So keeping in mind the previous portions allotted to various parts of the canvas, like here…

composition of short straps

1. Fold the canvas over so that the right sides of the bag are together, leaving the part-of-lid portion exposed, and sew up the sides.

Sew up sides of canvas

2. Next, fold up the bottom edges to make a small triangle, and sew over it.



3. Do this to both corners, then fold the triangle in, like wrapping a gift. This should create a ‘boxy’ effect for  the bag. Stitch the corners in place.


4. Compose the lining the same way (1. ~ 3.)

5. Turn the canvas bag inside out (raw stitches facing in), and the lining bag with the raw stitches facing the outside. Place lining inside canvas bag, align and trim lid portion to match, fold the top raw edges  in, pin together, and top-stitch.

top-stitch canvas and liner together.

top-stitch canvas and liner together.

6. Take flat animal you’ve created and stitch to lid portion to create lid. In this case I made a Blue whale to reflect the hidden majesty of the seas, hand-drawing and then stitching it’s mouth and using a gold acrylic pen to create some skin spots. Sew on the magnetic buttons to their corresponding places, one on the canvas and one on the animal.

DSC05946 DSC05947

And Voila! Your backpack is complete! Tomorrow we will put together the harness. For those who only wanted to make the backpack, the journey ends here. If you have joined this sew-along, I would so love to see what you made of it! Please do e-mail me at with the title ‘Baby Backpack’ and share a pic. Or comment with a link to your blog post!

Screen Shot 2013-03-02 at 1.45.15 AM

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