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Giveaway! Whimsical Duck and China Blue Fantasy bib

Just received some lovely new organic terry (towel fabric), and restocked on a little of the China blue. So I’m excited to announce this giveaway activity for 3 of my Whimsical bibs!


Whimsical Bib DSC06299 DSC06211 20130317_094424 DSC06250 DSC06259 DSC06256_2

This bib has 2 sides, one made of soft, absorbant organic terry that features a duck, and the other of beautifully serviceable linen printed china blue with whimsical magical animal scenes. Both sides are great for drools and as gifts for little ones.


How to enter  如何參與 :

Please leave a comment below before April 2nd, 2013 (whatever time zone you are in!), and I will pick 3 winners with using a random number draw.


*I will need you to leave your e-mail when you comment so I can contact you for mailing address. 留言身份請包括電子郵件好讓我聯絡。

*exact pattern placement of bib you receive may vary depending on where the fabric was cut. I try to center the bib though so it shows a complete image! Image may include: Tree, Mermaid, Dog & Cat hold hands, Witch bunny, or Cat in a Chariot. 藍色那面的圖依布剪裁的位置每個都會不一樣。可能中心圖案包括:樹,美人魚,狗和貓牽手,一隻兔子巫婆,或貓咪坐南瓜車。

If you would like to buy these directly, please see my Etsy shop listing! 如果希望直接跟我買,也可以點這個連結!是用信用卡或paypal的網路賣場。或是我的露天賣場。這是我第一個網路上賣的作品。也要感謝好朋友Cindy Hu 當我第一個客人給我加油打氣!Also want to thank Cindy Hu for being my first customer, even though she doesn’t have a baby yet! She is the sweetest! : )

Screen Shot 2013-03-02 at 1.45.15 AM

Knox Relishing

This is my 2nd time playing with iMovie. Fun stuff!

If you have a hankering for the bib in my video, check out my etsy shop listing.

I will be doing a giveaway for one of the bibs soon! So stay tuned! : )

Screen Shot 2013-03-02 at 1.45.15 AM


Sew-along: Baby backpack (with harness) – 3: Making the harness

I guess when I say “see you tomorrow” I really mean “As soon as I have the time and attention to write the next post!” . In other words, yikes! Organizing time and activities (things I want to make, skills to master, Knox to feed and clean up and entertain…etc) is really hectic. As Mike had mentioned, I seem to have workstations all over the place with partially finished projects. Probably the reason why he wants me to have craft room/library/office (control your spillage, woman). I can totally understand that. Someone else’s clutter is always more annoying.

I am truly wondering if I’ll be more productive if I can stick to working on one thing at a time. I seem to have the same issue when I’m studying. If I’m really concentrating, I get into all these different tangents – coming up with questions, looking up stuff to see if my theory is correct/whether research has already been done into the area. It takes me much longer than my classmates to finish studying one chapter. Frequently I have to scramble and cram at the end in an un-fulfilling fashion in order to deal with the exams. I think that’s why I’m content at the notion of taking longer than average to finish my undergrad degree… because I feel like I haven’t really gotten as clear a picture of the course as I would like, in the probing, questioning, meandering manner that I find truly satisfying.

But that aside. Today we are doing The Harness! In between this time and the last, I have already taken the Knoxter out for a few strolls in it. Let me tell you.It works: In keeping me within arms reach of him! The child does not feel restrained. He chooses not to feel restrained. He walks where he likes and makes me follow. It doesn’t make my work easier at all, but it makes me less paranoid of him disappearing from my sight!

Come along mommy!

What you need:

  • Removable clip thingy 1 set harness clips
  • Canvas material for harness

1. Take a small scrap of canvas from the previous bag composition (trimmings from the part-of-lid), fold over to cover raw edges and sew to create a tough little band.


2. String this tough little band through the triangle and sew it onto the bottom of the backpack. I think why all commercial harnesses are attached to the bottom of the bag rather than the top is due to weight distribution – if you accidentally yank the kid from the top of the bag they fall more easily.

3. Estimate the width of the harness based on the removable clip. It should be 2 times + about an inch wider than the clip, so you can fold under and sew. The length should be about the length of your wrist to the floor + your kid’s wrist to the floor.  If it is much longer it becomes a trip hazard.

estimate width of harness


4. Fold under the raw edges and sew along the length, giving you a long ribbon.


5. Next sew the wristlet. Estimate a width that is comfortable for you, double it and + 1 inch. (If you’re a good seamstress you can use less. Am going for generous allowances here as I’m not.) It should be slightly longer than the circumference of your wrist so we can sew on the snaps.

estimating wristlet

6. Like with the strap, fold over and fold under raw edges, sew over them. Leave a gap for the the strap.

pinned up wristlet

7. Insert one end of the strap into the gap of the wristlet and sew over.

attaching strap to wristlet

8. Sew on snaps for wristlet. Then sew other end of strap to removable clip.



Et voila, there you have it!

In Addition: Add front clip to backpack straps so you kid can’t wiggle out (or be easily relieved of by some nefarious character) willy-nilly. Hand sew it onto the top part of the strap where it is sewn onto the adjuster, so it doesn’t effect adjusting for length.




I caught you!


Happy strolling!

Milestone 14 months Knox can scoop!

Sorry to interrupt the Sew-along posts. But this is a new milestone! Granted, he still has difficulty with less ‘light, floaty’ foods, but mommy is still thrilled.

The road to independence is paved with soggy cereal.

Now if I can get him to Really wipe the floors.

He did this for, like, 2 seconds.

He did this for, like, 2 seconds. Then he got up to play with the light switches.

Update March 17th: Using a Chinese ceramic spoon

Sew-along: Baby backpack (with harness) – 2: Bag Body Composition

Today we compose the body of the bag.

So keeping in mind the previous portions allotted to various parts of the canvas, like here…

composition of short straps

1. Fold the canvas over so that the right sides of the bag are together, leaving the part-of-lid portion exposed, and sew up the sides.

Sew up sides of canvas

2. Next, fold up the bottom edges to make a small triangle, and sew over it.



3. Do this to both corners, then fold the triangle in, like wrapping a gift. This should create a ‘boxy’ effect for  the bag. Stitch the corners in place.


4. Compose the lining the same way (1. ~ 3.)

5. Turn the canvas bag inside out (raw stitches facing in), and the lining bag with the raw stitches facing the outside. Place lining inside canvas bag, align and trim lid portion to match, fold the top raw edges  in, pin together, and top-stitch.

top-stitch canvas and liner together.

top-stitch canvas and liner together.

6. Take flat animal you’ve created and stitch to lid portion to create lid. In this case I made a Blue whale to reflect the hidden majesty of the seas, hand-drawing and then stitching it’s mouth and using a gold acrylic pen to create some skin spots. Sew on the magnetic buttons to their corresponding places, one on the canvas and one on the animal.

DSC05946 DSC05947

And Voila! Your backpack is complete! Tomorrow we will put together the harness. For those who only wanted to make the backpack, the journey ends here. If you have joined this sew-along, I would so love to see what you made of it! Please do e-mail me at with the title ‘Baby Backpack’ and share a pic. Or comment with a link to your blog post!

Screen Shot 2013-03-02 at 1.45.15 AM

Sew-along: Baby backpack (with harness) – 1: Making the adjustable shoulder strap

So Knox is turning out into one of those kids who glances at you when you call him, giggles, and walks away even faster. I believe a harness is in order. Or, as I like to call it, a ‘Mom Leash’ that will make him feel safer to explore.

If you don’t have kids, don’t judge.

I had to figure out a few things in making this bag. and I’d like to share this journey! I hope you can make one too!

You will need:

  • 19′ x 12′ canvas (or other material you like) for outer shell of the bag
  • 19′ x 12′ fabric for the inside liner of the bag
  • Two 9′ and 11′ Ribbons for the shoulder strap
  • Same as above for the shoulder strap liner, and slightly smaller sized batting (if you want)
  • 2 sets of backpack strap adjusters (I’m sure there’s a more technical term for these!)
  • I got metal ones because they look classy. But realized after I'd made the bag that plastic ones would have been lighter, especially for baby's first backpack!

    I got metal ones because they look classy. But realized after I’d made the bag that plastic ones would have been lighter, especially for baby’s first backpack!

  • A cute fabric or pattern of a flat animal (I made a whale), and sew on magnetic buttons – for the closure.

Note: materials above do not include those for the harness.

1. Compose straps by sewing the ribbon and liner together. You can sew some extra padding in between. If there are raw edges, fold them in. The end strap result should be just as wide as the holes in the adjusters.

You can also put some light cotton padding on the inside. Since the blue ribbon edges required no serging, I cut the white strap material wider so it could fold under.

You can also put some light cotton batting on the inside. Since the blue ribbon edges required no serging, I cut the white strap material wider so it could fold under.

2. Now you should have two longer straps and two shorter straps. Loop the shorter strap through the adjuster with one hole, and sew it onto the canvas at about this location, parallel to each other.

composition of short straps

After being looped through the bottom piece of the the adjusters, the short straps are sewn onto the canvas.

After being looped through the bottom piece of the the adjusters, the short straps are sewn onto the canvas.

3. Take the longer strap and loop through the adjuster with two holes. Fold over and sew on raw end onto itself, the liner facing itself.

Screen Shot 2013-03-02 at 1.28.37 AM

4. Now loop the raw end of the long strap through the bottom adjuster that is already attached to the canvas via the shorter strap.


5. Pull the raw end up and over, looping it through the top adjuster on the way.


6. Repeat with other strap. Now, with chalk, draw a middle line on the canvas between the straps. Have the straps almost touch/converge in more or less a V shape where that line is.

DSC05915DSC05914Sew the raw end onto the canvas at an angle, right side facing the canvas. This creates a loop for the shoulders. It should look more or less like this when you’re done:

This is a pic of the composed backpack, but just so you have an idea of the angle.

This is a pic of the composed backpack, but just so you have an idea of the angle.

Tomorrow we will work on composing the bag! Never fear! It’s cheesecake!

Happy sewing! See you tomorrow!

Screen Shot 2013-03-02 at 1.45.15 AM