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超簡單寶寶食譜:北非小米 For baby and the entire family : Easy couscous recipe


材料 (約2大人半份):

(Materials makes about 2.5 servings)

  • 北非小米  Couscous 1/2 Cup
  • 水 (或高湯)Water or Chicken Stock 1~1.5 Cup
  • 橄欖油 Olive oil 1 Tablespoon
  • 洋蔥剁碎 約半顆 Chopped up onion, half of one
  • 一顆青椒(如果想增加色彩,兩顆不同色的青椒,各取一半剁小塊)1 Bell Pepper, chopped up
  • 鷹嘴豆半罐 (可用其它已熟的罐頭豆類取帶)Half a jar of Chickpeas
  • 焗烤用起司絲狀或切成小塊狀約半杯 Pizza cheese, can use Mozzarella or Cheddar mixed
  • 鹽和胡椒少許 Salt and pepper


  1. 先 在小鍋子煮滾水(或高湯),轉小火,把北非小米放入煮直到其蓬鬆吸滿水 In a small pot, boil the Water or Stock, turn to small flame, pour in Couscous and cook until couscous has expanded and sucked up most of the liquid.
  2. 在炒鍋中加熱橄欖油,加入洋蔥煮到透明(非 燒焦),加入青椒微炒至軟,再加入鷹嘴豆和已煮熟的北非小米拌勻。Heat Olive Oil in larger sauce pan, cook Onion til transparent, add Bell Pepper and stir fry lightly until soft, add Chickpeas and cooked Couscous, stirring.
  3. 加入起司拌勻至溶入, 此時家中若有香料可隨意願加入少許,非必要但可添香。Add Cheese and stir til melted. If there happens to be spices in the home, add according to taste.
  4. 隨吃的人意思加鹽和胡椒,小孩可加少許,大人要加多一點才美味。Add salt and pepper to taste.




My friend Sarah taught me this recipe. She loves to cook and makes the most delicious soups/cakes/…etc. I loved this dish and wanted Knox to also acquire a broader palate. He likes practicing spooning it up by himself. I usually add less salt to his than I do mine.


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