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Yes it has been incredible so far, but how to phrase your amazement in terms neither cliched nor mawkish?  As always, I go back to my gratitude for Knox’s health (he’s had one cold, no apparent allergies, no reactions to shots, bright and inquisitive) and his general demeanor (happy and curious, engaged with those around him).  All of this has certainly made things easier – we never had to deal with colic or other common issues that can be so stressful to new parents, and that has made a big difference.

Also, Grace does not stress – which is good, as I stress enough for the three of us.  The responsibility aspect of life and the risk profile have certainly been inverted (and it shows in my wardrobe, most days and my attitude, occasionally) but it has been well worth it.

Oh, and also, Knox’s press clippings to date – these should be on here somewhere in case Facebook goes broke or something…

These are from an awareness campaign for the Taiwan Youth Climate Coalition:



These are from Baby Life magazine:

and this from one of the newspapers:

Yeah, pretty amazing so far in ways big and small.

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  1. You are the best sweetheart! Knox is very lucky to have such a caring, conscientious and thoughtful daddy!


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