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DIY baby Bedrail with swimming noodle

For the sanity of us all, Knox nurses to sleep with us. This means bedrails. I read somewhere that swimming noodles are suitable for stuffing under the bedsheet, so got one from Toys ‘R Us. Unfortunately, it kept rolling out of position, and when Knox rolled over, it didn’t save him. Thank goodness we had a pillow on the floor, just in case.

So Mike had this absolutely brilliant idea – and it didn’t cost us anything more! He just bent some hangers and used them as guard rails for the swimming noodle. Now it doesn’t roll off the edge at all!


Slope the noodle creates


Where there is a will (to be cheap), there is a way!


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  1. Co-sleeping is awesome! Yes, if you want a decent nights sleep that is the way to go. LOL Its only been 2 months that John and I have our bed to ourselves again. (the first time in 6 years) Although, we usually find a body between us at least once a week. I think its so good for babies to sleep with parents, I think the USA is one place they frown upon it, but co sleeping is such a secure feeling for the child. (of course we never planned on it in the beginning…… was out of desperation to get some sleep) Now here we are…..8 kids later and everyone has had thier time in our bed. We have graduated to a king size bed only 4 years ago simply because we are getting older and our bodies ache from being in one position. LOL Enjoy your cuddly teddy bear while he’s little!

    • Wow a king size bed sounds great! The Knoxter has started this habit of kicking us in the night and it wakes Mike up (he says I sleep through it : p). Last time we were in a hotel sized bed I was so relieved to have space to lie flat! But I love having him in bed with us and we’re always careful sleeping with him. Even with the hiatus I’m sure you can’t wait for grandchildren!


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