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I made a Hedgehog! (Raggedy Hedgehog)

such a happy, bumbling creature.

So I’ve been wanting to make a few animals for a while. Animals that not many other babies have, so Knox can have a few creatures in his vocab that are somewhat unique.

And then I saw this post by LollyChops.

Now I knew I NEEDED to make a Hedgehog!

I wanted to go for a more raggedy, realistic look. So instead of leave shapes I cut double-ended wedges. Making sure they were long on one end and short on the other. That way, they would stick out and create a ‘fluffed up’ effect.

The wedges are folded so the longer wedge is on the bottom close to the hedgehog body. They are sewn away from the head of the hedgehog to create directionality.

All the furs were sewn by hand. (I know hedgehogs normally have prickles, but oh well). It wasn’t too hard though as I basically sew them in a row. Then reinforced the longer wedge so there wouldn’t be too much bare hedgehog skin exposed when you ruffle him.

And then we had to add the smile.

Now I just need to add a tail and some short stubby limbs to make him more anatomically correct.

A baby seems to be the best excuse for making fun, frivolous little things that are somehow deeply fulfilling.

We don’t know what to name the little fella yet. Any ideas? Otherwise we might just call him HEDGEHOG because we’re boring people like that. Oh, and because we try to use complete sentences around our son. : p

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  1. julia christine stephen

    so cute!

  2. I really like the effect of using the wedge shapes instead og the leaf shapes I’ve seen done recently. I think he is so adorable with his little smile. We always just call our son’s toys by the “boring” name. It helps teach basic vocabulary (so he’s not initially confused thinking giraffes are “geoffreys”) and allows him to name his beloved toys himself as he gets older and talks more.

    • Thanks Karen! Yeah Hedgehog is a pretty nice name by itself. And it’s always great giving kids responsibilities so they feel a sense of ownership (something they talk about in aid work as well: for the communities and individuals that are receiving aid). I like how the wedges are making his furs look more numerous than they are.

  3. I love your version of the hedgehog from LollyChops ! I made one too and it’s name is Hedge(fr)hog because of the fabric I used, but it’s hard to pronounce. How did you finally end up calling yours ?

  4. It’s so special! 😀 donno it’s made by you!


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