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Birdie mobile

Birdie mobile

Recently became interested in pinterest, and when I saw this project from Jess at Craftiness is Not Optional I couldn’t resist! Plus felt is so simple for sewing! No awkward serging or french seams!

While I was matching wing fabrics for the birdies, Knox got very fussy lying on his belly by himself, so I put him on my lap. He watched me match fabrics for a while and the next thing I knew, he was asleep. This is the first time something like this has happened… falling asleep while not mobile. I was very pleased.

The next morning when Knox woke all the birdies were done up with a big bundle of twine. He kept staring at them as they lay in a bunch on a couch. Btw, did you know that scientists use the stare length of pre-language infants to determine their cognitive ability (recognition, interest, understanding of disparity…etc). Check out this cool article here about the scientist, Elizabeth S. Spelke, who pioneered that technique!

I decided to use twine for hanging them as I have not a scrap of yarn in our house. Had a bad experience knitting when I was a kid. So am not fiddling with yarn at the moment! But I’ve made some very happy twine coasters recently. So I’m in love with twine right now.

As I don’t have anything hoop-ish at hand for the top of the mobile, I decided to use a clothes hanger, twist it into the appropriate shape (which turned out to be heart-shaped, I know, so cliche) hang the bunch of twine from the hanger part. I then got some small wooden clips to keep the separate strands of twine birdies in place along the hanger.

I then hung it from a 3M hook from the overhang of the ceiling. (we live in a rental, so no screw-ins!)

Weird that something so simple as twine can look so pretty!

The Knoxter seems to like it. He stares at it every morning when he first wakes up. Not that it allows him to be enthralled and left alone in his crib long. But the fact that he stares warms his mama’s heart.

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