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Upcycle adult tank into baby onesie: My little Gondolier

Upcycle adult tank to baby onesie

So this is my second attempt to make a onesie. As you know, the previous attempt was completely hand-sewn, because I didn’t have a runner. Now I have a runner, and things are much less complicated. Plus, this tank-top wasn’t exactly a knit.

But let’s go back to how this project started. My husband and I happened to walk past this beautiful park on the weekend after one of Knox’s swimming lessons, and they just happened to have a 2nd hand market! Talk about luck! After much happy browsing, I came across this tank top, and I just loved how the strips have this somewhat pre-faded look (because they are, well, pre-faded).

Due to the previous experience, I took a larger, looser onesie of Knox’s to use as a pattern. I tried to make a lot more seam allowance this time. Because an adult neckline is much larger, I cut the entire tank in half down the middle, pulled the two sides together, and sewed them up. This left a large flap in the front and the back. I french seamed the back one up and sewed the front seam to one side, adding a shiny shell button for taste.

upcycled onesie

I also cut the sides as well to shrink the large armhole, and sewed that up. Then I cut the leg parts and french seamed the edges. The bottom flaps are velcro, with the prickly part facing out. I tried to position that as high up in the belly as possible, to prevent it from chafing his chubby little legs. Unfortunately, it still rode low – because I didn’t make enough allowance for his little diapered heiny.

And did I mention I hate sewing with velcro? The thread gets caught in the claws, and it’s hard to push the needle in. This time, I decided to cover the velcro part with scotch tape. And use a small needle.

My sew velcro with scotch tape trick!

Ahhhh. So much better.

My little gondolier

And leg warmers! From sleeves of a baby sweater. Yeah, (the sweater) was so ugly I didn’t want to re-gift it. So I made them into leg warmers.

baby legs!

Our little boy sitting at 3.5 months old! Sorta.

Our little Knoxter fit fine the first time and second time. A week or two later, when I’d finished the laundry and wanted him to wear it again, it had become too small for him! That boy sure does grow! He wasn’t too happy when I tried stuffing him in. Alas, it now goes into the pile of ‘for future baby’ clothes.

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  1. RenovestorMama

    That is so cute! The best part is you won’t see five other kids in the same outfit at the park. Great job!


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