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So if you are not a friend of one of us on Facebook, here is the birth announcement!

The days (and nights) have been pretty busy, but I wanted to keep this going.  I have heard for years that having a kid is such a huge change and that is – on one hand – very true, but on the other hand our lives have been pretty low-key and Knox is not usually that challenging up to this point in time.  He has had a couple of restless nights, but generally if he’s got a full stomach and an empty diaper he is in good spirits.

I just want to note my endless admiration for Grace, she has been so strong, understanding and consistent throughout the entire pregnancy and since the birth that it has inspired me to be more patient and relaxed than I thought possible under the circumstances.  I also want to express my gratitude to everyone that has sent us gifts, whether actual material goods or a kind word or thought – it means a great deal to us both to know there is a community/family of support available to us and that we are not alone, no matter how far we might be from each other.

Watch this space – more to come!

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