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Naming Rights

Well, I was planning to do the crib post – foiled again, even though I put it together…another fine Ikea product, by the way, they should be paying me at this point..

So I’m wondering how everyone else went about choosing their kid’s name?  We have been making lists based on no particular criteria, and I have always felt that having a list of acceptable possibilities was the way to go, with a final decision to be made when you actually have a chance to see the person who will have to bear it.  But tonight, on the subway coming home, I had a strange deja vu kind of moment.  I was at a playground with our son, who was about four (didn’t see his face…) and he was bashfully wondering how to approach some other kids to play with him.

Just go over there, I said, and tell them “Hi, I’m Ethan, want to play?”

Trying to not make too much of this, of course, it seems too simple – but what did you do when faced with this decision?

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  1. Picking a name…….so much pressure. I guess as silly as this sounds we usually say the name out loud, even yell it. (as you will say it a billion times day in and day out, as well as yell it when they are older) so you better love it. You can’t make the wrong choice. As for the “Nathan” thought, I would keep that as a definate option if it were me. It seemed to come naturally at that moment. This is a fun time-enjoy it!

  2. Oooops, I meant Ethan. (I’m typing to fast for my brain!)

  3. Don’t make this a pressure thing….make it a fun time in your life…I found Lauren just by looking in the newspaper!!! I saw the name and love it and said “that’s it I love Lauren” Too many choices and then you go crazy!!! xoxox

  4. By the way I love “Ethan”…..

  5. I like Alec. Although, Ethan is a very popular name.


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