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Raw fish and parasites

Mike took me out to Mitsui last night, claiming it was our second date. Considering how far along we’ve come already in the relationship checklist, and how many meals and trips we’ve had together in between, it’s surprising that under his (more courteously stringent) terms of what might be considered a date, this is merely the second date. I felt excited though to dress nice and go out on the arm of a dappered up fellow in a suit.

The service was exemplar. Mike claims it’s the best service he’s seen yet in Taipei. And the dishes delicious and delectably portioned. You could see the kitchen from the dining area, and at around 10pm the kitchen people would stand in a row and bow to you. I very much enjoyed the seared beef with rose salt. And it was the first time that I’d enjoyed sashimi. I believe dipping it in wasabi-ed soy sauce was key. Previously the pure rawness and lack of substantial flavor of it turned me off. And I must say it seemed beautifully prepared.

The only issue I had was having to sit across from him. It’s just a pet peeve I have, but I’m not that fond of sitting across from people. It feels somehow confrontational, or exacerbates the feeling that one is being scrutinized: A date should be a companionable affair. So I like sitting diagonal or side-by-side, where you can talk freely while thinking without feeling the need to make direct eye contact all the time.

I woke up this morning, however, mildly concerned about parasites.

Anyone who has taken some parasitology lessons are likely to be somewhat paranoid. I never get too worked up over potential fears because I understand the risk factors associated : that it’s slim, though possible, and that if the slim possibility occurs there’s nothing I can do about it (or way to become aware of it) until it’s too late. Becoming stressed about it now wouldn’t solve the problem. Reasons not to be worried:

1.Sashimi is usually flash frozen at some point before they are delivered to your table, so some parasites are killed.

2. Your stomach acid usually takes care of most pathogens. If not, there’s your bile, and then your immune system.

3. The most dangerous parasites (those that are attracted to brain tissues) dwell not in raw fish, but in raw snails and shells.

With these happy thoughts, I’ll now move to my enjoyment of the lobster: It was very yum. I did learn, however, that my enjoyment of the lobster was on par with the sashimi – the merits are similar: a slight marine taste with a buttery texture. The virtue of it being cooked. The dis-virtue being the small portion and accessibility to the meat.

All in all, baby has been lolling about quite a lot, and he’s grown to push into my stomach somewhat, so it can get uncomfortable sitting too slouched. I also wake up more times a night, especially when I fall into sleeping on my back (which happens more often than I’d like, considering how I’ve always favored sleeping on my side). I believe it has something to do with the balance of my current shape. Getting up to walk after sitting for a while always aches in the pelvis region, but I know that mustn’t discourage me from walking. I already get so little exercise. I wonder whether that’s what makes it easier for teenage girls to have their infants in toilets – their youth and the fact that they were still going to school and doing the normal amount of activities that’s expected of a school girl?

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