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Things that make fetus go ‘bump’!

First time baby started moving was about three weeks ago. I was quite intrigued. I said to Mike “I don’t think it’s indigestion, because this feels different from indigestion.” Usually indigestion gives you this satisfying moving air feeling that can be semi-consistent/regular.While this sensation would be more like being knocked at from the inside, if you were to image yourself sitting on a drum, or being the drum… well, something like that.

While, to my disappointment, the fetus fails to move upon command, there do seem moments, out of seeming irregularity, that makes the baby go more ‘bump’!

[As of 21 weeks +]:

  • When Mike was talking to me and I was happy in the conversation.
  • When I’m sitting down/lying down (as opposed to walking around stressed and fagged)
  • Funky music.
  • When I was playing around with the youtube ‘womb sound’ videos. < like this one of hiccuping >
  • When I was playing around with baby videos (of other babies).

Location: In the beginning the bumps would go about slightly lower than my belly button, more centric. Just a three or four days ago the bumps started knocking lower down in my abdomen, sort of like a hollow knocking at the pit of my pelvis. And yesterday it move upwards for a time, close to my stomach. Mike said he’s kicking out space for himself to exit. I like the idea of imagining it moving around, little hindered by gravity, or standing up. Very interesting.

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  1. Well, the bumping on my end is mostly in my head, of the “I can’t believe this!” variety…but it is still a pretty amazing thing to be part of…of course, i am now redundant to some degree (not being kicked, except metaphorically…) so I can only observe, but I am flattered in so many respects….we will see what our boy likes, soon…I can’t wait to discover the future!


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